Letter to stakeholders

If you look at what has happened in recent decades you realise that today’s crises, so to speak, are the result of yesterday’s lack of interest in the future. And we are now preparing for tomorrow's crises.” We open this letter addressed to all our stakeholders with the ever current and significant words written by Piero Angela in 2011.

Our sustainable actions stem from and are driven by our interest in the future: the Integrated Report on Operations recognises our path in the context of ESG and summarises it, in line with the latest legislative developments in this field. In particular, our report recognises

the approach to the Sustainability Report included in the Report on Operations, as provided for by the EU 2022/2464 (CSRD Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive), which was approved by the European Parliament in November 2022 and which Lariotex will be obliged to comply with as of 1 January 2025, with a publication deadline in 2026.

In an extremely complex global scenario, which causes us to live our daily lives with fundamental uncertainty in the most diverse areas, (personal, family, professional) we continue following the path we know: that of transparency, communication, respect for those who support, nurture, use and build our company.

In this context, we have made several choices, which have led us to invest in people, management systems and other business areas to try to create a Lariotex that is always in line with the expectations of those around us. The search for better communication and transparency remains unchanged. What is more, we want to be the protagonists of these changes, which are gradually finding their own regulatory framework in the European context, to highlight the ever-increasing importance of these changes.

We have obtained some significant feedback: we are, in fact, one of the issuers of the first ESG Basket Bond on the Italian market, in collaboration with the Unicredit Group and Cassa Depositi e Prestiti. On this occasion, the Cerved agency gave our company an ESG score of 66 out of 100, which corresponds to a “high performance.” For a trading company like ours, this is a reassuring achievement and a push for further improvement.

When it comes to environmental results, the Eco-Friendly collection took on even greater importance during 2022, accounting for 60% of the products sold. In addition, we have continued to follow the 4sustainability® protocol, with the adoption of two new pillars:

4s Materials, linked to the use of materials with a lower environmental impact, and 4s Trace, for process traceability and chain monitoring.

As regards the economic and financial results, the financial statements for the year ended at 31 December 2022 showed a net profit of €2,835,832 after having recorded taxes amounting to €1,136,804. The Notes to the Accounts show the information relating to the 2022 Financial Statements, including information concerning the financial position and the values relating to the financial resources that the company  needed during the financial year, as well as their uses. The Integrated Report on Operations contains news about operational performance.

We close this letter by recalling that this year marks the 10th anniversary of the founding of our company, which was established on 5 September 2013. In the second half of the year, we will release the new version of the website and we will propose a new corporate image, starting with the logo.

Pierluigi Biondi,
Sole Director