Integrated Report

Letter to Stakeholders

In an extremely complex global scenario, which causes us to live our daily lives with fundamental uncertainty in the most diverse areas, (personal, family, professional) we continue following the path we know: that of transparency, communication, respect for those who support, nurture, use and build our company. 

Sede Lariotex

Sustainable choices

Sustainability is an integral part of every strategic company decision.

In our work, we pay a lot of attention to managing chemical materials and we sell eco-friendly fabrics. We do this to protect end customers and the environment, by minimising the environmental impacts associated with the spinning, weaving and dyeing processes of raw materials and textile fibres.

Sustainable development goals

Our commitments

The distinctive feature of our business model and our relationships with our stakeholders is the search for innovative solutions to ensure quality and the sustainability of what we supply.

Priority impacts of Lariotex


The quality of our products guides our choices: we ensure that we only offer materials that are safe and have a minimal environmental impact.

Chemical management

To ensure the safety of our products and protect the environment, we combine the strictest compliance with regulations with voluntary adherence to international standards and protocols.

Tessuti eco-friendly

Our catalog - recently digitized - includes LARIOTEX ECO, an ecological product line with fabrics sourced from recycling/regeneration as well.


We carefully select our suppliers and monitor their work to create partnerships that are profitable for society and the environment.


We map suppliers by updating their profile in the Process Factory software “4s Platform”, dedicated to chemical management and handling related activities.

4s Materials – 4s Trace

Adopting the 4s Materials protocol will enable us to boost and improve the sustainability profile of the products sold, encouraging the use of environmentally sustainable materials, with actions such as improving the management system, preparing an ad hoc report, and identifying specific KPIs.


We are constantly implementing initiatives to improve this crucial aspect for our industry.

Logistics and sustainable mobility

We set ourselves the goal of minimising our environmental impact.
Alongside logistics efficiency, which must guarantee prompt deliveries, we focus on the supply service, which optimises the impact on our planet as well.

Social aspects

In order to improve the qualification, selection and evaluation processes in the supply chain, we are committed to taking social criteria into account in a structured and explicit way, focusing in particular on the issue of human rights.


We ensure a safe, inclusive work environment that values personal skills and fosters skill building.
We want to share the path to sustainable development with our people.
We do this step by step, starting with the values that we identify with.



Average training hours per capite

in 2022



accidents at work

in the three-year period 2020-2022



female employees

+8.9% vs 2020